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The Belgian Army (1985-1986)

I did my military service from November 1985 to June 1986, most of it in Germany (Dellbruck near Köln). After one month basic training in Belgium (Kazerne Maj. Blairon in Turnhout) we were sent to Lüdenscheid in Germany, to go on military manoeuvres near the Iron Curtain at the German border. During one of these manoeuvres, i crahed my whrist and was hopitalized for several weeks at the Military Hospital in Soest. In the meantime my collegues had finished their training period and went to our destination place in Dellbruck, to be part of the 20 TTR, the transmission troups of the Belgian Army. As soon as I recovered, I joined them and we all got promoted to corporals. After another month of training we received the degree of sergeants, and from then, we regurarly went on military manoeuvres in all parts of Germany.

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Transmitting ....
Can you find me here ?
Resting on the roof with a collegue
Our equipment ...
Inside view while transmitting
Making adjustments to the antenna


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