Doesn't every kid dreams of having a nice motorbike some day ... ? And it turns out to be almost the same as it is with computers : a humble moped is quickly followed by a bigger (and faster) one and so it goes right to the heavy bikes that are for sale nowadays. I will give a brief history of the motorcycles I owned, mostly illustrated by some nice pictures.

It once started with a humble Mobylette, soon followed by a Suzuki AC50.

Than came the age of the real motorcycles, introduced by a Honda 125 Twin, which I wreckened completely after a crash, which wasn't surely the first one ...

Its successor was a Yamaha RD200 (where RD stands for 'Race and Development'), a quite fast two stroke engine.

Then a Yamaha XS500 came along, which I used to travel in the Swiss Alps, amongst other use of course.

After some time, I then bought a Yamaha XZ550, a nice watercooled V-twin with 65 hp and equipped with cardan.

A stupid road accident forced me to sell my XZ550 and I became the owner of a Yamaha FZ750, a 20 valve fourcylinder revolution in the motorcycle world. Thanks to the four-in-one exhaust the engine delivered 120 hp and could reach a speed of about 250 km per hour (approx. 155 miles per hour). Besides using it for daily traffic, mostly in the summer, it took me several times to the south of France for a camping holiday. Once arrived and installed, several extra trips were made to discover Spain, Andorra etc. The pics were taken when it had a respectable age of 12 years, to prove my care for these machines ...

At this very moment, I drive a Suzuki GSXR1100, equipped with a very powerfull engine yielding 155 hp and with a top speed of 320 km per hour (approx. 200 miles per hour) ...

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Honda 125Twin
Yamaha XS500
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Yamaha XZ550
Yamaha FZ750
Suzuki GSXR1100

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