What is new ?

Back in 1998, i decided to make my first website : www.on4cay.com (this is the second button on the banner above).

At that moment my main hobby was hamradio, so that website was entirely dedicated to everything concerning that subject. As it is with every technical hobby, the site soon became more and more specialised and was visited since then by 10000s of ham operators from all over the world. Nowadays, my hamradio site is rarely updated, since my ham activities have almost gone to zero.

Indeed, in the meantime my interests became much wider and several of my friends (and pupils of my school) asked me if i did not want to put something on the internet that would appeal also the non-hamoperators. That is how this site has found its origin.

Started up in the early 2006, it only contained a few working buttons, but gradually it is expanded and will be, as i hope, for a long time, so stay tuned ! You never know what you will find in the near future :)

Update of August 12th, 2007
* Addition of pictures taken at the summer holiday in Gozo, Malta and Comino
* Correction of some typing errors found in pictures pages
Update of January 1st, 2007
* Addition of some high-resolution pictures of my former GSXR-1100
Update of December 30th, 2006
* Addition the Thailand 2002 and the Egypt 2004 full-version movies.
Update of December 28th, 2006
* Addition of a high-quality movie intro of my journey to Egypt in 2004.
Update of December 26th, 2006
* The 'free downloads' button was activated.
Update of December 25th, 2006
* The complete 'pictures' section was rewritten in order to make browsing through the files a lot easier.
* The 'other interests', 'video', 'links' and 'what's new' buttons were activated.
* A counter and web statistics utility were added.