Some internet links (my hamradio website with tons of info)

Other website for which i am the webmaster (in Dutch)... (1000s of pictures taken at various activities of the school where i teach) (youth soccer training)

Here are some links to web sites I regularly visit for their very interesting content ...

Web sites on classical baroque music and mp3 players (all info on Johann Sebastian Bach) (hundreds of good classical music midi-files) (download winamp and various plug-ins)

Some nice sites on chemistry (overview of lots and lots of chemistry links) (nice chemistry experiments you can do at home) (pictures of historical chemists) (download site for Glassy Chemistry to design chemistry apparatus) (award-winning site with tons of info and links on chemistry) (Dutch site with lots of downloadable software for chemistry students) (chemistry animations in .mov) (all sorts of funny chemistry things) (great site with spectacular chemistry experiments, even contains movies of the experiments!) (some downloadable chemistry software, freeware and trialware) (chemistry experiments, well explained) (biochemical pathways schemes) (periodic table with a lot of info on the elements, in Dutch) (another interactive periodic table, in English) (a online PH-meter) (about the famous spectacular chemistry demonstrations by Professor Shakhashiri) (choose your chemistry experiment and view it in .mov) (science experiments to be carried out at home, in Dutch)

Web sites on various, but amusing items (adopt, virtually, a cat ...) (listen LIVE to police scanners in the United States) (lots and lots of online webcams, updated almost daily)


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