Phase 2 : The adaption of the tower and mounting a HF antenna

To facilate maintenance of the different antennas and since the height of a beam for HF is not as important as it is for VHF and UHF purposes, the top element of the tower (6 meter) was removed, resulting in a total remaining tower height of 18 meter. To achieve this, all antennas had to be removed previously.


All pictures on this page were taken on October 27th and 28th, 1997.



The antenne installation before starting. Notice the

yagi antennas and the attached FD4 dipole for HF.


First, all antennas had to be removed. The poor

picture quality is due to the bad weather conditions.

The Hy-Gain TH3JR 3-band beam, assembled and waiting to be mounted ...
The upper 6 m part is removed from the tower.
Installation of the beam on top of the tower.

All antennas have been remounted and

attached to the corresponding coax cables.


The different dipole antennas (some of them

home-brewed) are re-attached to the tower.

A last inspection of the top and then everything is set to be used !


Phase 1 : Erection of a tower with a height of 24 meter and mounting of the VHF and UHF beams and omnidirectional antennas


Phase 2 : Removal of the upper part of the tower and mounting of a 3 element HF beam for 10, 15 and 20 meter


Phase 3 : Replacing the 3 element beam by a 7 element Cushcraft beam for 10, 15 and 20 meter