Phase 1 : The different stages of erecting a tower for antenna purposes

These photographs were taken soon after the purchase of

the house, so it was still in the original state as I bought it.

Later on, I spent most of my free time to renovate it entirely.



The tower will consist of four subsequent

elements, each with a length of 6 meter.


The metal construction intended

to be encapsulated in the concrete.


Early in the morning several tons of concrete

fill the pit through the garage of the house ...


Three weeks are required to

let the concrete dry and harden.


The lowest part has been mounted. Notice the

temporary omnidirectional 144 MHz antenna.

One by one, all elements are assembled.

After mounting the 64 elements beam for 430 MHz

on the top, the 9 element for 144 MHz is brought up.

Notice the badly changing weather on July 9, 1993 ...


Just in time before the rain, the 9 element beam

is put into place beneath the 430 MHz antenna.

Everything will be ready soon to be tested!


Phase 1 : Erection of a tower with a height of 24 meter and mounting of the VHF and UHF beams and omnidirectional antennas


Phase 2 : Removal of the upper part of the tower and mounting of a 3 element HF beam for 10, 15 and 20 meter


Phase 3 : Replacing the 3 element beam by a 7 element Cushcraft beam for 10, 15 and 20 meter