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Name : Ronny Stobbaerts

Title : Ph.D. in Sciences (analytical chemistry)

Adress : Antwerpsesteenweg 40 B-2520 Broechem Belgium (Europe)

Tel./fax nr. : 003234857667

E-mail :

Profession : teacher in chemistry, computer science and mathematics

Others : affiliated with the University of Antwerp (UIA), Department of Pharmacy (scientific publications are listed below)

Date of birth : March 5th, 1959

Scientific publications

Thesis B.Sc. : Studie van Anorganische Verontreinigingen in het Bekken van de Kleine Nete m.b.v. Energiedispersieve XRF (1981) by R.F. Stobbaerts

Detectie en identificatie van voedingskleurstoffen d.m.v. resonantie Raman Spectroscopie, R.F. Stobbaerts, L.Van Haverbeke and M.A.Herman (1983). Tijdingen, Anal. I. - 3.01 t.e.m. Anal. I. - 3.04, 1982.

The use of Resonance Raman Spectroscopy as an Analytical Tool in the Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of some Food Dyes, R.F. Stobbaerts and M.A.Herman (1982). Analytical Laser Spectroscopy Ed. S.Martellucci and A.N.Chester NATO/ASI Series B : Physics Vol. 119, p. 279-280, Plenum Press, 1985.

Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Some Yellow, Orange and Red Food Dyes by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, R.F. Stobbaerts, L.Van Haverbeke and M.A.Herman (1983). J. Food Science 48(2), 522-525, 1983.

Detection and Identification of Some Dyes by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, R.F. Stobbaerts, L.Van Haverbeke and M.A.Herman (1983). Spectrochim. Acta, Vol. 38B, 317, 1983.

Bazi Kil Minerallerinin Laser-Raman Spektroskopisi ile incelenmesi, R.F. Stobbaerts, S.AkyŁz and T.AkyŁz (Univ. Ankara) (1982). Proceedings van het Vth Congress of Turkish Physicists Association, Istanboel, 07-09.09.1983.

Het belang van superoxide dismutasen, R.F. Stobbaerts, H.Robberecht and H.Deelstra (1987). Farmaceutisch Tijdschrift voor BelgiŽ, 5, 403-411, 1987.

Speciatie van sporenelementen in voedingsmiddelen. Tijdschr. Voeding DiŽtetiek, 14(5), 7-14, 1988.

Influence of several factors on the determination of manganese using electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry, R.F. Stobbaerts and H.Deelstra (1989). Bull. Soc. Chim. Belge, 98(8), 513-521, 1989.

Chroomstatus bij de diabetische ouderling, R.F. Stobbaerts, W.Van Horen, G.Ieven and M.Vandewoude, vrije mededeling (1990). Gerontologie & Geriatrie, 1989. Proceedings 12th Wintermeeting Oostende, Ed. J.P.Baeyens, p. 83-88, 1990, Acco. ISBN=90-334-2214-X.

Daily dietary intake of manganese in Belgium by different population groups. R.Stobbaerts, P.Van Dael, H.Deelstra (1991). Strategies for food quality control and analytical methods in Europe Eds. W.Baltes et al., Behr's Verlag GmbH & Co, Hamburg, Duitsland, Vol. 2, 881-884, 1991. ISBN = 3-386022-004-7.

Manganese content of total parenteral and enteral nutrition. R.Stobbaerts, M.Ieven, H.Deelstra, I.De Leeuw (1992). Z. Ernšhrungswiss., 31, 138-146, 1992.

De wereld van de fysica, R.F. Stobbaerts and F.Desfosses. Handbook 4de jaar AS0, 1 & 2 uur. Uitgeverij Plantijn. ISBN=90-301-5384-9.

Manganese content of European Wines. R.Stobbaerts, H.Robberecht, F.Haesen and H.Deelstra (1994). Intern. J. for Vit. and Nutrition Res., 64, 233-236, 1994.

Daily dietary intake of manganese by several population groups in Belgium : preliminary reports. R.Stobbaerts, H.Robberecht and H.Deelstra (1995). J. Trace Elem. Med. Biol., 9, 44-48, 1995

International scientific meetings

23.09-03.10.1982 : NATO-scholarship to attend the summerschool of the NATO/Advanced Study Institute on "Analytical Laser Spectroscopy" in Erice (Sicily) with lecture on 01.10.1982. (For abstract : scientific publications)

26.06-01.07.1983 : 23rd Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale in Amsterdam (NL) with lecture on 27.06.1983. (For abstract : scientific publications).

26.-29.02.1985 : Poster at the 3rd European Conference on Food Chemistry (EURO FOOD CHEM III) in Antwerp. A new methodology for quantitative measurements of colorants in food samples. Strategies in Food Quality Assurance : Analytical, Industrial and Legal Aspects, De Sikkel, III 246-252, R.F. Stobbaerts, H.Deelstra (UIA) and J.F. Janssens, L.Van haverbeke, M.A.Herman (RUCA).

13-16.09.1987 : Poster at the 9thCongress of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition in Barcelona (E), R.F. Stobbaerts, M.Ieven, H.Deelstra, E.Gryson en I.De Leeuw. (For abstract : scientific publications)

12-14.04.1988 : Poster at the International Symposium on Progress in Food Preservation Processes in Brussels. Heat treatment of milk and distributions of the trace elements Cu, Mn, Se and Zn over the milkfractions, R.F. Stobbaerts, P.Van Dael, R.Van Renterghem (Zuivelstation in Melle), H.Robberecht and H.Deelstra. (For abstract : scientific publications)

08.06.1989 : Poster at the symposium "Trends in Food Analysis" in Antwerp (UIA). Manganese content of total parenteral and enteral nutrition", R.F. Stobbaerts, M.Ieven, E.Gryson and H.Deelstra.

09.10.1990 : Poster "The manganese content of different brands of mineral water, coffee and tea", R.F. Stobbaerts and H.Deelstra in Antwerp (contact-group NFWO UIA) (Abstract 21 appeared in the proceedings)


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  Brevet van monitor K77/259 (CKI)
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  Brevet van hoofdmonitor K89/280 (CKI)
  Attest 'hoofdanimator in het jeugdwerk' 96/3644 (CKI)
* hamradio licensed in march 1985 as ON1BLC (B-class)
  licensed in november 1995 as ON4CAY (A-class)
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